How to close a project?

Before launching a project, the closing date must also be specified. When the time comes, our colleagues at ELKH Cloud will contact the project administrator, to find out if they should proceed with shutdown. If the project ends before the planned closing date, please delete the virtual machines and volumes, and send us an e-mail to with your project's name to initiate shutdown.

Is openVPN absolutely necessary?

It is possible to use a project without openVPN, as there is an IP address assigned to each project. This IP can be associated with the virtual machine, which, as a result, becomes accessible from the outside world. Once you have accessed the internal network with a public IP, you may easily access the other virtual machines using internal IP addresses. The number of public IPs however is limited, that is why we recommend using openVPN to our users.

Is the project user and the user of the virtual machine one and the same?

The users of the project have access to the requested resources. For Ubuntu users: the default username and password for their virtual machines are both ubuntu. (For Windows users it’s windows/windows respectively). Of course it is possible to add as many new users as needed, therefore the users of a project may not be identical to the users of the actual virtual machine.

Is there a standard text or tender identifier which is to be included in any future publications as an acknowledgement for successfully using the ELKH Cloud?

If you have successfully joined and used the ELKH Cloud service and as a result finished an article, please include the following acknowledgement either in English or Hungarian:


A .............. projekt nevében köszönetet mondunk az ELKH Cloud ( használatáért, ami nagyban hozzájárult a publikált eredmények eléréséhez.


Is it possible to move a virtual machine from one ELKH Cloud project to another?

Yes, it is possible, once a snapshot has been made of the virtual machine. In the ‘Action’ column of the chosen virtual machine, click on ‘Compute’ → ‘Instance’, and in the drop-down list, click ‘Create Snapshot’. Following this, the resulting image can be shared with another project, and launched as a new instance.

How do I use the pieces of software I need?

There are 3 types of services in a Cloud system: infrastructural cloud (IaaS), platform cloud (PaaS), and software cloud (SaaS). For the time being ELKH Cloud provides an infrastructural service (IaaS) for its users, but this may serve as a basis for an eventual extension to PaaS or SaaS services. Using the ELKH Cloud service enables academics to use an infrastructural cloud service that is dynamically adjustable, so that its size and type fits perfectly with their projects ongoing at the time, without having to go through complicated procurement procedures.