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Reference architectures and services

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In accordance with its operational concept, the services that help the use of ELKH Cloud are provided in the form of reference architectures. Projects can create their desired e-infrastructures after selecting the corresponding service below.

Available reference architectures and their technical descriptions

The steps to install and launch these services are as follows:

Step 0: Preparation (Starting a blank Ubuntu virtual machine within your project)
For detailed instructions on the steps below, please see the documentation of the given reference architecture
Step 1: Configuring an SSH key on ELKH Cloud
Step 2: Installation of Terraform & Ansible*
Step 3: Downloading descriptors to the virtual machine
Step 4: Customizing descriptors on the virtual machine
Step 5: Initializing Terraform
Step 6: Deploying service
Step 7: Using deployed service
Step 8: Destroy the infrastructure after it is not needed

*A detailed description of the installation can be found in the references