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SZTAKI expert in the silver medalist team at the international Gaia-X Hackathon

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Bilbao hosted the technology-focused Tech-X Conference of the Gaia-X initiative, which was co-organized with a Hackathon. The competing teams had to work on real-life end-to-end scenarios which leverage the Gaia-X Open-Source Software and the Trust Framework. Our colleague, Márk Emődi’s team won second place.

At the beginning of May, the Gaia-X and the OSS community gathered for two days in Bilbao, Spain for the annual Tech-X Conference & Hackathon event. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in Gaia-X Workshops and Presentations on the latest technologies, compete in the two-day hackathon with the Gaia-X Open-Source community, and network with a range of businesses, Gaia-X HUBs, verticals, Lighthouse projects and members.
Tech enthusiasts were given a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, hack into real-life scenarios, and contribute to solutions for current technological challenges.

Gaia-X brings together industry, politics, government, research, academic, technical and scientific leaders from Europe and beyond to collaborate on the next generation of trusted data infrastructures. Technology providers, users, large businesses, as well as small and medium businesses have joined the effort to define how they want to maintain control over their data, including who can access it, for what purposes, where it is stored, and by whom it is maintained.

Gaia-X operates with national Gaia-X Hubs, which serve as the central contact points for interested parties in each country. The Hungarian Hub, led by SZTAKI, was launched in April 2022. Thus, the number of the local contact points of Gaia-X was increased to 18, and they work in close cooperation with each other, but they organize their national programs and activities themselves.

The plenary sessions covered a wide range of topics linked to Gaia-X: from showcasing the federated architecture and the concept of the Gaia-X Digital Clearing House (GXDCH) to demonstrating the practical implementation of a secure and decentralized Gaia-X-compliant use case. The plenary sessions will be made accessible via the dedicated Tech-X website.

Hands-on workshops were provided for those interested in the future of privacy-preserving computation under Gaia-X, designing, building, and deploying Gaia-X Workflows and Compliance Service 22.10 among others.

SZTAKI colleague Márk Emődi joined a team called ‘Self-description generation via infrastructure discoverability features‘ and won second place at the Hackathon. The team had to work towards the implementation of a real-life end-to-end scenario which leverages the Gaia-X Open-Source Software and the Trust Framework. Once they set the context, they had to justify why the federation is required and then showcase how the federation is implemented and how data exchange can be done by enforcing the access control described in the Gaia-X Compliant self-descriptions.

The silver medal earned 2000€ for the international team. Congratulations to the team members:

  • Matej Feder (dNation)
  • Roman Hros (dNation)
  • Kurt Garloff (Sovereign Cloud Stack, OSB Alliance)
  • Max Wolfs (Sovereign Cloud Stack, OSB Alliance)
  • Márk Emődi (SZTAKI)
  • Juan Lopez de Armentia (Tecnalia)
  • Gorka Benguria (Tecnalia)
  • Gorka Zárate Martinez (Tecnalia)
  • Raul Miñon (Tecnalia)
  • Ana Isabel Torre (Tecnalia)

Montage of members of the Tech-X Hackathon silver medal winning team