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HUN-REN Cloud’s resource management (creating, launching or shutting down virtual machines) requires EduID based identification. Using the services of projects running in HUN-REN Cloud however does not necessarily require logging in with an EduID (further information on this can be provided by the director of the given project).

If you already have an EduID, use the EduID/Login button to the left:

  • Choose the name of your home institute as an identity provider from the drop-down list.
  • If your institute is not on the list, you may choose MTA Akadémiai Adattár (AAT) if you are associated with them.
  • After that, the familiar login page of your chosen institute (or that of AAT) should be displayed in your browser.
  • Following a successful login, you may enable or disable forwarding your name, e-mail address and ID to HUN-REN Cloud.
  • Once you are logged in, the add project page becomes available to use.

In case you do not have an EduID identifier…

If you do not have an EduID, or you are unsure whether your institute has joined the EduID federation or not, you may check their status on the eduID members page.

If your institute has not yet joined the EduID federation, you may initiate the process with the head of the IT department of your institute. In case of any other login issues or if you would like temporary access, please contact us at

After having completed the project…

If you have successfully joined and used the HUN-REN Cloud service and as a result finished an article, please include the following acknowledgement either in English or Hungarian:


A .............. projekt nevében köszönetet mondunk a HUN-REN Cloud (lásd: Héder et al. 2022; használatáért, ami hozzájárult a publikált eredmények eléréséhez.


On behalf of the ............... project we are grateful for the possibility to use HUN-REN Cloud (see Héder et al. 2022; which helped us achieve the results published in this paper.

In the reference list, please include the publication presenting HUN-REN Cloud:


  • APA:
    Héder, M., Rigó, E., Medgyesi, D., Lovas, R., Tenczer, S., Török, F., Farkas, A., Emődi, M., Kadlecsik, J., Mező, G., Pintér, Á., & Kacsuk, P. (2022). The Past, Present and Future of the ELKH Cloud. Információs Társadalom, 22(2), 128.
  • IEEE:
    [x] M. Héder et al., “The Past, Present and Future of the ELKH Cloud,” Információs Társadalom, vol. 22, no. 2, p. 128, Aug. 2022, doi: 10.22503/inftars.xxii.2022.2.8
  • MLA:
    Héder, Mihály, et al. “The Past, Present and Future of the ELKH Cloud.” Információs Társadalom, vol. 22, no. 2, Aug. 2022, p. 128. Crossref,
  • Chicago:
    Héder, Mihály, Ernő Rigó, Dorottya Medgyesi, Róbert Lovas, Szabolcs Tenczer, Ferenc Török, Attila Farkas, et al. “The Past, Present and Future of the ELKH Cloud.” Információs Társadalom 22, no. 2 (August 31, 2022): 128.

Please send us your article and a link to it if it gets published, so we can include it on our website. This would both increase the impact and visibility of your work, while it also serves as a reference to HUN-REN Cloud, showing the practical use of our services.