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Quantum computing and cloud technologies are among the prominent topics of the 2024 Networkshop

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This year marks the 33rd edition of the Networkshop conference, where researchers of the Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems reported on the results and vision of the HUN-REN Cloud, and raised awareness about the potential of quantum computing.

In the spring of 2024, the city of Eger hosted Networkshop (NWS), which can be considered the most prestigious Hungarian computer network and application IT conference for higher education, public education, research and public collections. This year's motto was: "The digital transformation of education, research and public collections at the highest level", while its main focal point was artificial intelligence (AI). 378 people registered for the three-day event, who had the opportunity to attend 108 presentations divided into 6 plenary sessions. In addition to the lectures, a poster session and several mini-workshops enriched the conference program.

In a mini-workshop on quantum informatics, Attila Farkas and Tamás Máray, researchers from the Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Systems (LPDS), talked about the basics of quantum computing, quantum computers, and comparisons between quantum computers and conventional computers, possible applications and the use of the HUN-REN Cloud Quantum reference architecture, as well as practical possibilities for access to quantum computer simulators and real quantum computers. Zoltán Peskó and Ádám Szilágyi (IBM Hungary) informed the participants about the current state of quantum computing technology and the milestones to be expected in the future, while quantum communication and quantum internet and related projects in Hungary were presented by Márton Czermann (BME) and János Mohácsi (KIFÜ), the other speakers of the mini workshop.

Cloud technologies and the HUN-REN Cloud itself were among the highlights of NWS 2024. Péter Kacsuk reported on the HUN-REN Cloud experiences so far and outlined the future vision of the national research cloud, emphasizing potential collaboration with other Hungarian digital research infrastructures. During the same session, Attila Farkas explained the reference architecture concept available on the HUN-REN Cloud and its applications.

In Tamás Máray’s lecture called: Quantum Computing: Is This the "Future"? attendees learned about the possibilities quantum computing embraces and the current trends.

Ez a kép egy fotókollázs. Látszik rajta a Networkshop logója és három HUN-REN Cloud prezentáció.

This NWS, artificial intelligence appeared to a greater or lesser extent in almost every presentation, proving that there is almost no discipline where this technology cannot be exploited.

In the spring of 2025, the next Networkshop conference will take place in Győr. One cannot wonder which technology will be then in the spotlight.

The detailed programme and presentations of the ELKH Cloud session are available on the event page.