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Simulating IoT Workflows in DISSECT-CF-Fog

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The modelling of IoT applications utilising the resources of cloud and fog computing is not straightforward because they have to support various trigger-based events that make human life easier. The sequence of tasks, such as performing a service call, receiving a data packet in the form of a message sent by an IoT device, and managing actuators or executing a computational task on a virtual machine, are often associated with and composed of IoT workflows. The development and deployment of such IoT workflows and their management systems in real life, including communication and network operations, can be complicated due to high operation costs and access limitations. Therefore, simulation solutions are often applied for such purposes. In this paper, we introduce a novel simulator extension of the DISSECT-CF-Fog simulator that leverages the workflow scheduling and its execution capabilities to model real-life IoT use cases. We also show that state-of-the-art simulators typically omit the IoT factor in the case of the scientific workflow evaluation. Therefore, we present a scalability study focusing on scientific workflows and on the interoperability of scientific and IoT workflows in DISSECT-CF-Fog.