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Designing an IoT-Cloud Gateway for the Internet of Living Things

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Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) have started to revolutionize traditional systems to be smart. Smart farming is an example of this process, that aims to respond to predictions and provisions of population growth by providing smart solutions in agriculture to improve productivity and reduce waste. Plant phenotyping is an important research field related to smart farming by providing means for complex monitoring of development and stress responses of plants. The current phenotyping platforms for greenhouses are very expensive limiting their widepread use. The recent advances in ICT technologies with the appearance of low cost sensors and computing solutions have led to affordable phenotyping solutions, which can be applied in standard greenhouse conditions. In this paper we propose a low cost plant phenotyping platform for small sized plants called the IoLT Smart Pot. It is capable of monitoring environmental parameters by sensors connected to a Raspberry Pi board of the smart pot. We developed an IoT-Cloud gateway for receiving, storing and visualizing the monitored environmental parameters sent by the pot devices. It is also able to perform image processing on the pictures of the plants to track plant growth. We have performed a detailed evaluation of our proposed platform by means of simulation, and exemplified real world utilization. © 2020, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.